The Innovation and Patents Centre

Effectively protecting a company's technologies through patents and utility-model patents against competitors and imitators is becoming increasingly important; particularly in strongly-contested global and regional markets with ambitious competitors. Furthermore, empirical studies have shown that systematic patent management significantly increases entrepreneurial success.
The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is a key player in technology and knowledge transfer in Hamburg, thanks to the comprehensive knowledge and wealth of experience held by its Innovation and Patents Centre (IPC); it is a central contact for the business sector over matters relating to the protection of industrial property rights and to patent and innovation management. The IPC is not only very well networked in Hamburg, thanks to its services in innovation and patent management for companies.It is also a partner in SIGNO (a German federation for protection of ideas for commercial exploitation) and a member of the TechnologieAllianz grouping. Moreover, the IPC is an active partner in the network of innovation consultants for the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, and has good contacts abroad through the representative offices of the Chambers of Commerce.
Given its wide range of services, the IPC can offer comprehensive patent-related consultancy to benefit companies. Every year, the IPC provides information on industrial property rights to 3,000 individual clients, and provides telephone consultancy to a further 12,000.Our reading room is available for personal research using our databases, under the expert guidance of the IPC staff.
Here is a list of the services we offer:
  • Accepting office for the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) + initial consultation
  • Specialist information
  • IPC patent portfolio
  • IPC patent research
  • IPC patent analysis
  • IPC patent evaluation
  • IPC patent strategy
  • IPC patent exploitation
  • IPC technology and competition monitoring
  • IPC technology barometer
  • Trademark registration and monitoring
  • TechSearch
  • Hamburg innovation audit
  • Information events